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Our mission at HandiSOLUTIONS® is to continually deliver industry leading products while providing the highest level of customer service in an effort to organize the world one space at a time.

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HSCS Crystal Series Accessories


HSHFTBHWL Fat Tire Bike Hook

HSS1407TUB 14" x 7" HandiTUB with removable Tub


HSMTP15400 Handi Magnetic ToolPAD

HSHWK34X2 4x2 Framed HandiWALL® Kit

HSHBHWL  Horizontal Bike Hooks


HSW13008 Graphite HandiWALL®

HSW14008 Beachwood HandiWALL®


HSW16008 Driftwood HandiWALL®


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or·gan·ize verb
 arrange into a structured whole; order. See also: HandiSOLUTIONS®


Let's face it, organization needs are continuously changing and evolving, which is why we designed an organization system that is as unique as the individuals that use it.

HandiSOLUTIONS® is the sole provider of an American-made organization solution that has quickly become known throughout the industry as the gold standard of slatwall organization systems. Already well known for its wonderful garage applications, HandiSOLUTIONS® is quickly finding its way into other areas of the home and office. Our customers continue to find that HandiSOLUTIONS® is a perfect fit for organizing mud rooms, pantries, closets, basements, play rooms, home offices, and many other areas of residential and commercial buildings. Nothing else on the market compares to our HandiWALL® and the wide variety of HandiACCESSORIES.

As the sole manufacturer and distributor of the HandiWALL® PVC Slatwall storage system, we are continually able to produce products of the highest quality standards. HandiSOLUTIONS® is located just outside of Chicago, so you know you are always receiving an American-made product made by American workers. Before you purchase your next slatwall storage system be sure to ask where it is made as that will have a direct effect on the final quality of the product.

Start by easily installing HandiWALL® panels, then add your choice of accessories, which include shelves, bins, baskets, tool holders, sporting equipment racks, a fold-away workbench, and much more. Arrange and rearrange the HandiSOLUTIONS® storage system time and time again; it is completely versatile and durable enough to truly last a lifetime. Whether it's for your home, office, or commercial space, HandiSOLUTIONS® will continue to provide you with an enduring, functional, and beautiful storage solution for years to come.

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Our Product Network.

Our business model is built upon a network of HandiSOLUTIONS® dealers and distributors who supply our product to the consumer market. Our distributors deal with the logistics of warehousing our product across the N. American marketplace while our network of dealers focus on providing the consumer marketplace with the sale and installation of our HandiSOLUTIONS® products.

Become a Dealer.

Dealers are an integral part of our business. We are dedicated to our dealers and support them by providing selling opportunities, easy set-up and installation support.

Become a Distributor.

As a single-source provider, we maintain strong relationships with our distributors. We are committed to offering attractive price points and excellent customer service to our valued distributors.

Find a Dealer or Distributor.

Ready to hear more about installing the HandiWALL® system in your home or garage? We’ll help you find a HandiSOLUTIONS® dealer near your hometown.


We pride ourselves on providing a complete support system for both our distributors and installers, including qualified leads in their local area, dedicated customer service representatives, and customized marketing materials.


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