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Don’t “Fall” Behind: How to Help Your Customers Get Ready for Fall with these Organization Tips

Elk Grove Village, IL. 8/5/2014

Before you know it, your clients will be running around getting ready for autumn changes. For many, it's back to school, a full schedule, and the beginning of the holiday season (scary, we know). It can be challenging trying to teach your clients that fall doesn’t have to mean scurrying to get your summer items thrown in the basement closet while searching for your favorite pumpkin decoration. Most times they are too busy running around to stop and think about organizing; this is where you and your helpful tips come in.

1. Clean Up After Yourself

Spend some extra time with clients to wash any outdoor cushions, umbrellas, or outdoor pieces that they plan to store for next year’s use. Neatly organize unused patio furniture in the shed or garage where it will be free from debris that will cause damage to it before they get to take it out next spring. This will eliminate the time spent preparing for next year's spring and summer seasons.

2. Start Outside and Work Your Way in

Don’t forget that preparing the outside of the home for fall can eliminate a lot of pesky problems. While as kids, jumping into a pile of freshly raked leaves can give much enjoyment, but as an adult we see these leaves in a different light as they crowd and clog gutters. Gutter guards can prevent leaves and other debris that can be easily carried by the wind clogging clients' gutters. offers a quick explanation and piece of advice on what the best types of guards for your home are with a helpful video. Don’t forget about the downspouts as well.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Throw Away

The term organization seems to give people the idea that they need to run out and buy a bunch of big obnoxious bins and containers. When they get down to organizing, these bins don’t fit in their storage space. Take some time to make an action plan; sit with your customer and go through all of their items. Probe them to get comfortable with the idea that the sweater they haven’t worn in two years is safe to get rid of. Remove clutter first, decide where the rest is going to go, and then you’ll have a better idea of what size and how many bins to buy.

4. Time

Clients often will take a day off work expecting to “clean the house” and “get ready for fall” without realizing that getting your house completely organized, much like Rome, will not happen in one day. After all, unlike you, they are not organization enthusiasts and will be overwhelmed and exhausted trying to fit an entire house into one day. It will take at least two or three hours to go through each individual space so set aside a few days where you can work together to go through their home piece by piece. Even a few weekends will allow them to adjust during the week and see how the space they organized the previous weekend is working out.

These are a few but big tips that will help to get your clients on the right track. Once they are comfortable with these few ideas, they will master creating an organized space which will flow effortlessly. For some more tips, tricks, and ideas, read our newsletter for details on using HandiWALL® in the mudroom to prepare for autumn.


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